Round Permanent Magnet

Round Permanent Magnet

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Place the workpiece on the chuck table, then insert the wrench into the shaft hole and turn 180° to “ON” in the clockwise direction to suck the workpiece for processing.

Applications: lathes, grinders, rotary processing, marking, etc.

The main technical parameters:

1. Suction >80N

2. Remanence < 10% of suction at corresponding point

The smallest size and the largest size of a round permanent magnet sucker:

1. Minimum specification: diameter 100

2. The largest specification: diameter 600


After the workpiece has been machined, insert the wrench into the shaft hole and turn it counterclockwise 180 to "OFF" to remove the workpiece.

Maintenance and care of round permanent magnet suckers:

1. The surface of the suction cup should be wiped before use to avoid scratches affecting the accuracy.

2. The use of ambient temperature -40C--50C, is strictly prohibited tapping, to prevent the magnetic force is reduced.

3 After use, antirust oil is applied on the work surface to prevent corrosion.

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