Industrial Magnet Motor

Industrial Magnet Motor

NdFeB Low price high quality customized neodymium rare earth N35-N55 magnet Neodymium magnets are actually composed of neodymium, iron and boron(they are also referred to as NIB or NdFeB magnets). The powdered mixture is pressed under great pressure into molds. 1.Neodymium iron boron magnets...

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Magnets for motors are generally tile-like magnets. We call this type of magnet a “magnetic tile,” and the size and performance of the magnet are different depending on the requirements of the motor.

The magnetic tile forms a ring inside the motor housing and can be a combination of two, four, or even many pieces. The coil rotates at a high speed inside the ring, cutting the magnetic induction line with a closed loop to convert between electrical energy and kinetic energy.

The magnetic field of the magnet affects the number of revolutions of the motor. The small motor is energized, and the stator coil is AC-powered to generate an alternating magnetic field. The squirrel-cage rotor generates an induced current, which cuts the magnetic force lines and generates a force to rotate. The extra magnet changes the alternating magnetic field of the stator coil, so the number of revolutions of the motor is changed.

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