Define Temporary Magnet

Define Temporary Magnet

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A magnet is an object that generates a magnetic field, usually also called a magnet. Any magnet has two magnetic poles, north and south (also called S and N), and repulsion between the same magnetic poles of two magnets generates gravitational force between different magnetic poles.

According to the magnetic field, the magnet can be divided into permanent magnet and electromagnet. Permanent magnets have a permanent magnetic field. Common compasses, magnetic refrigerators, etc. The principle of the magnetic field generated by the electromagnet is Faraday's electromagnetic induction, which is usually generated by an energized coil with a core. The magnet inside the bell is the electromagnet. In fact, the usefulness of the electromagnet is extremely wide. From television audio to refrigerator washing machines, to high-speed trains and aircraft ships, the contribution of electromagnets is inseparable. It can be said that without electromagnets, there is no modern life.


Temporary magnets are those that simply act like permanent magnets when they are within a strong magnetic field. Paperclips, iron nails and other similar items are examples of temporary magnets.

The paper clips are machined from ferromagnetic steel wires. Ferromagnetic objects generate magnetization in the magnetic field applied by the magnet.

The mechanism is that the magnetic domain polarity in the paper clip wire will gradually become the same as the direction of the magnetic field lines of the magnetic field. This is called magnetization.

As a result, the polarity of the magnetized paper clip coincides with the magnetic field lines of the magnetic field. That is, the N pole of the magnet is opposite to the S pole of the paper clip. The opposite sex sucks. When the suction force is greater than the frictional resistance, the paper clip is attracted to the magnet.

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