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Definition Of Rare Earth Permanent Magnetic Materials
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Rare earth permanent magnet material is a kind of magnetic material made of SM, nd mixed rare earth metals and transition metals (such as cobalt and iron), sintered by powder metallurgy method and magnetized by magnetic field.

Rare earth permanent magnet (SmCo) divided SmCo permanent magnet and NdFeB permanent magnet (NdFeB). Among them, the magnetic energy product of SmCo magnet is between 15--30MGOe, and the magnetic energy product of NdFeB magnet is between 27--50MGOe. It is known as "permanent magnet king", and it is the most permanent magnet material at present. SmCo permanent magnets, despite its excellent magnetic properties, but the reserves of rare metal samarium containing cobalt and rare, expensive strategic metal cobalt, therefore, its development has been greatly restricted. The development of China's rare earth permanent magnet industry started in the late 60s. The leading product at that time was samarium cobalt permanent magnet, SM co permanent magnet, the world sales volume was 630 tons, and China was 90.5 tons (including SmCo magnetic powder), mainly used for military technology.