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Classification Of Permanent Magnets
- Mar 20, 2018 -

The first is: alloy permanent magnetic materials, including rare earth permanent magnet materials (NdFeB, SmCo, Nd2Fe14B) (SmCo), aluminum nickel cobalt (AlNiCo)

The second major categories are: ferrite permanent magnetic materials (Ferrite)

According to the different production processes, they are divided into sintered ferrite, bonded ferrite and injection ferrite. These three processes are divided into isotropic and anisotropic magnets according to the orientation of magnetic crystals.

These are the main permanent magnetic materials on the market, and some of them are not available for wide range of applications due to the original technology or cost, such as Cu-Ni-Fe (Tong Nietie), Fe-Co-Mo (Tie Gumu), Fe-Co-V (iron cobalt vanadium) and MnBi (manganese bismuth).