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Classification And Characteristics Of Rare Earth Permanent Magnetic Materials
- Mar 20, 2018 -

It is now divided into the first generation (RECo5), the second generation (RE2TM17) and the third generation rare earth permanent magnetic material (NdFeB). The new rare earth transition metal system and the rare earth iron and nitrogen permanent magnet alloy materials are being developed and may become a new generation of rare earth permanent magnetic alloys.

Rare earth permanent magnet is the most comprehensive permanent magnet material with the highest comprehensive performance. It is 100 times higher than the magnetic steel used in ninetieth Century. Its magnetic properties are much better than that of ferrites and aluminum nickel cobalt, which is twice higher than that of the expensive platinum cobalt alloy. The use of rare earth permanent magnets not only promotes the miniaturization of permanent magnet devices, but also improves the performance of the products.