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Application Of Rare Earth Permanent Magnetic Materials
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Rare earth permanent magnet materials have become an important material in electronic technology communication. They are used in TWTs, circulators, as well as micro motors, microphones, aerial instruments, electronic watches, seismographs and other electronic instruments in artificial satellites and radar. Rare earth permanent magnet has been used in automobiles, household appliances, electronic instruments, magnetic resonance imaging, audio equipment, micro motor, mobile phone etc.. In medical treatment, the use of rare earth permanent magnetic materials to carry out "magnetic acupoint therapy" has greatly improved the curative effect, thus promoting the rapid popularization of "magnetic acupoint therapy". In the application of rare earth, rare earth permanent magnetic material is the fastest growing one. It not only brings great impetus to the development of rare earth industry, but also has a profound influence on many related industries.