Ndfeb Magnet

  • Tiny Ndfeb Magnet

    Tiny Ndfeb Magnet

    Gold coating powerful permanent ndfeb magnets for industrial 1.Neodymium magnets 2.Gold coating magnet 3.Powerful magnet This product contains small accessories that may be dangerous if you swallow them. If you swallow them, please call for medical treatment immediately....Read More
  • Spheres Neodymium Magnet

    Spheres Neodymium Magnet

    Small strong permanent neodymium magnetic balls for toys 1.Magnetic balls 2.Magnet for toys 3.Small but strong magnets Features: 1. Full of high entertainment and creativity. 2. Improve intelligence, imagination and creativity. 3. Adopting reliable magnet material, it is...Read More
  • Sinered Magnet

    Sinered Magnet

    Wholesale strong colorful permanent neodymium magnets cube 1.Neodymium magnet 2.Ceramic magnet 3.Jewelry magnet Please use caution and eye protection when necessary. Neodymium magnets are brittle by nature; they must be handled with care. The strong pulling force may cause...Read More
  • Ndfeb Block Magents

    Ndfeb Block Magents

    Extra strong small block ndfeb permanent magnet with high quality Ag Magnet (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.was established in 2008. It is an enterprise which combines production, R&D and trade . 1.Small block magnets 2.Ndfeb magnet 3.Magnets with high quality Since this magnet is...Read More
  • N50 Neodymium Magnet

    N50 Neodymium Magnet

    neodymium magnet black epoxy caotied for sale Neodymium magnets are actually composed of neodymium, iron and boron(they are also referred to as NIB or NdFeB magnets). The powdered mixture is pressed under great pressure into molds. Neodymium magnets are very strong and...Read More
  • Permanent Magnets

    Permanent Magnets

    Block neodymium magnet coated with black epoxy Sintered NdFeB permanent magnetic material has excellent magnetic properties, widely used in electronics, electrical machinery, medical equipment, toys, packaging, hardware machinery, aerospace and other fields, there are the...Read More
  • Block Great Power Magnet

    Block Great Power Magnet

    Great power ferromagnetism permanent neodymium magnet for sale The surface of NdFeB is treated with nickel coating because the surface is easily oxidized and corroded. 1.Neodymium iron boron magnets 2.Hot sale magnets 3.Customized magnet WARNING: 1. DO NOT attempt to pull,...Read More
  • Zn Magnets

    Zn Magnets

    Customized high quality super strong neodymium block magnet Neodymium magnets have a very high resistance to demagnetization. This makes them perfectly suited for various industrial, DIY, or craft applications. 1.High quality magnets 2.Super strong neodymium magnet 3.Block...Read More
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